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Our purpose is to keep pushing the bounds of innovation, design and eye health. Not because we have to but because we need to. Seeing life in full is transformational to our lives


We strive to consistently provide the highest level of care, service, innovation and design; becoming the industry benchmark and authority in the world of eye health.


Our customers are our motivators, and our customers' needs and demands are what push us forward. Our customer's demand:


This means having appointments available when it suits you and always being given professional advice whether you are new to corrective solutions or experienced. We offer appointments for those wanting contact lenses as well as glasses.

Professional  Eye consultations

We are experts with our brands. That means we are brand-led, trend-aware, and educated with advising all our customers on their optical wardrobe.


Our team is active in our problem-solving and is technically minded. We seek innovative solutions and are empowered with niche knowledge that will help to solve your problems.

Specialist Lifestyle

Our knowledge empowers our customers. Whether you are looking for inspiration or wanting to try something unique, we will assist by offering the best advice so you can make an educated decision.

Quality Advice

Whether you are looking for professional problem-solving advice or looking for a new image, we are a one-stop shop for all your optical and fashion eyewear needs.

Appealing to All

Vision Industry is born from a rich heritage in Italian optical craftsmanship. Raised in a family deeply involved in producing optical frames and sunglasses during the 80s and 90s, we cultivated a profound understanding of the optical frames. Our journey led us to create Vision Industry, a hub for everything optical. Our goal is to showcase the finest the industry has to offer while educating our customers about the dedication and craftsmanship that underpin every product we offer. Our name, Vision Industry reflects our commitment for innovation and progression in the optical world.

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