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We begin with our pre-test where we carry out various clinical tests to build an understanding of the physiology of the eye. We also use this time to learn more about your general health, lifestyle and vision requirements. The second step is the sight test where we carry out various clinical processes in order to find the correct refraction for your eyes.

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Eye Test Consultation

For your eyewear to perform to the highest standard, it is essential for various measurements to be accurately taken. At Vision Industry, we use specialist equipment to optimize this process. Every measurement will help the lens to be manufactured more accurately, offering the best optical performance for the wearer. In some instances, we will take over 10 measurements.

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Position of Wear Optical Measurements

What if you purchase your eyewear elsewhere?

No problem!

Our skilled team will assist in fitting your spectacles even if you purchased from elsewhere. We will make every effort in making your glasses fit perfectly to your face. If for whatever reason we are unable to adjust your frame, we will explain to you why this is not possible. Please note, if you have purchased your spectacles from another provider, we will advise that any adjustments are done at your own risk. Vision Industry cannot be held responsible for a frame we have not supplied.

Frame repair and Rehabilitation

Life happens! And when it does, sometimes your eyewear may need a little love to get it back to its best. This is where Vision Industry comes in. We can re-fit your eyewear, give the frame and lenses an industrial-level clean / polish, or even apply new parts to ensure your spectacles are brought back up to standard.

In the event something happens to your eyewear, Vision Industry will do everything we can to get things back in working order again. We can offer services like:

Nosepads  •  Screws  • Temple tips •  Semi-rimless chord replacement/repair  •  Rimless repair

If your required frame repair isn't listed above, that doesn't mean we are unable to fix it. Please come into the shop for a professional assessment.


Do you have a vision of your ideal frame? 


Are you having difficulty finding this frame ready-made and off the shelf?

offers custom “tailored” and fitted eyewear in-store. 

So, how does it work?

One of our artisan frame designers will help you design and manufacture your perfect frame. During the process we will discuss

  • Frame Shape

  • Frame Size

  • Color

  • Fitting

  • Weight

  • Lens Parameter

  • Engraving

During the discussion, we will identify the impacts of your design on fit, comfort and potential impacts on visual performance along with what lens will be best suited and why.

Our high-power consultation is an important step in understanding where thickness comes from in your prescription eyewear. We will assess your current eyewear and offer advice on how we can reduce it. ​

High Power Consultations

Common questions we get in Consultations:

My lenses are thicker than what I want, what can be done? 

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During the consultation, what might you expect?

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What is the cost of the consultation? 

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Frame Stylist

If you need inspiration for a new look or a change of frame, we have our resident frame stylists who can assist you in your search.

Our professional stylists will help to suggest frames from our wide offering which will create a new look for you. 

Whether you are looking for something to wear daily, at the office or for special occasions, we will be able to assist in finding something which stands out and makes an impact.

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